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We have a network ready to serve by providing Simple Estate Packages for those who qualify.

Simple Wills

Cindy’s Angels can help with drafting Wills, depending on the complexity of the Will and whether Cindsyangels has the capacity to provide assistance. Cindsyangels does not store Wills. Cindsyangels will not provide a Will template to you and will only take instructions to draft a Will in person.

When you come to Cindsyangels for assistance, we will assess your circumstances and advice what level of assistance we can provide.

Power of Attorney

CindysAngels helps in creating power of attorney document designates who you want to handle your finances and/or your health care decisions when you’re no longer able to communicate or make those decisions yourself.

We also helps in creating Medical Power of Attorney to grants a specific person of your choice the power to make medical decisions on your behalf if you’re unable to communicate or make those decisions yourself.

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Directives to Physicians

An advance directive specifies the medical treatments and care you wish to receive if or when you are no longer able to communicate your wishes. For example, it may state that you do (or do not) want a mechanical ventilator implanted if it becomes necessary to extend your life. Advance directives are like power of attorney documents and can even be used to give someone power of attorney, but they allow you to make your own medical decisions instead of relying on someone else to decide.

What is estate planning? Estate planning is the advanced planning of property division, property management, and distribution of said property.

Part of estate planning is deciding in advance who should be in charge of your medical and financial affairs if you are unable to make important decisions for yourself.

Why is it important?

  • Many pitfalls and obstacles for those who do not have advanced directives set up, i.e., access to bank accounts to pay for bills and care.
  • Undivided property will pass through laws of intestacy.
  • The unmarried (boyfriends, girlfriends, or common law spouse), friends, and stepfamilies do not take in intestacy.
  • Estranged or unknown family members may still take a piece of the estate under the laws of intestacy.

When can a will be used? What is probate?

  • A will is not effective until the “Testator” or deceased person has passed away.
  • A will is used to distribute property. Any advanced wishes or declarations regarding care should be in a power of attorney or separate document.

Examples of estate property that must be probated:

  • Real property located in Texas with no right of survivorship (out of state property may need to be handled by an attorney in the state where that property is located).
  • Retirement, 401k, stock accounts with no beneficiary.
  • Bank accounts with no right of survivorship, no joint account holder.
  • Personal property–vehicles, jewelry.